Based upon our stand on Justice and Grace is our view that:

"Whatever God has promised as reward for a good work, He will fulfil it; but whatever He has threatened as punishment for a bad work it is upon His descretion: If He meted out the punishment, it will be by His Justice; if He forgives it, it will be by His Grace."

(Shaykll al-~Saduq, 'I'tiqadat')

We are confronted both by Kharijites and Mu’tazilites on one side and Ash’arites on other side. Mu'tazilites and Kharijites say, "Tthat it is incumbent upon God to fulfil His threats also. He has no power to forgive."

Ashiarites, on the other hand say, "That it is not incumbent upon Him even to fulfil His promises of rewards." They go so far as to say, "Even if Allah was to send the prophets into Hell, and Satan in Paradise, it is not against virtue, because there is no inherent demerit in any action".