After that, on many ozzasiolls, many Ayats and Ahdeeths reminded the Muslims that Ali was their Master after The Holy Prophet. One of the most important Ayats is as follows:

"Verily, your Master is but Allah and His Apostle and those who believe,

who establish prayers, and pay the Zakat while bowed in worship."

QURAN: 5: 55

The Muslim scholars (Sunni and Shia alike) are agreed that this verse was revealed in honour of Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as). It clearly shows that there are three Masters for believers. Firstly Allah, secondly His Prophet, and thirdly Ali (with the Eleven succeeding Imams).

Abu Dhar Ghifari says, "That one day he was praying with The Prophet when a beggar came to the Prophet's mosque and begged for alms. Nobody gave him anything. The beggar raised his hands towards heaven and said, "God! be a witness that I came to Thy Prophet's mosque and nobody gave me anything." Ali was bowing in the 'Rukuu' at that time. He pointed his little finger which had a ring, towards the beggar who came forward and took away the ring. This incident happening in The Prophet's presence he raised his face towards Heaven and prayed as follows:-

"O Lord! my brother Musa had begged of Thee to open his breast and to make his work easy, to loose the knot of his tongue that people might understand him, and to appoint from among his relations his brother, as his Wazier, and to strengthen his back with Aaron and to make Aaron his partner in his work. O God! Thou said to Musa, We will strengthen thy arm with thy brother. Nobody will now have an access to either of you! O God! I am Mohammad and thou hast given me distinction. Open my breast for me, make my work easy for me, and from my family appoint my brother Ali as my Wazier. Strengthen my back with him."

The Prophet had not finished his prayers when Jabraeel brought the above quoted verse."

It is not a place to give the references of this Hadeeth. (They run in hundreds.) This Ayat, and the prayer of the Holy Prophet, jointly and separately show that Ali(as) was declared to be the Master of the Muslims after the Holy Prophet (saww).