After Declaration of Ghadeer, there is no need to givc any more proofs of the Caliphatc of Ali bin Abi Taleb(as). Still, I would like to quote here some Ahadeeth (traditions) in this connection. The first is the Hadeeth Al-Thaqalain in which The Prophet said.

"I am leaving two weighty thirsgs among you, the one is the book of God and the other my Ahlul-Bait (Family). If you adhere to them and continue to follow and obey both of them and forsake neither, you will never be misled. They will not be separated till they reach me at the Hauzul-Kausar (Reservoir of Heaven.)"

Now it is adrnited on all hands that Ali bin Abi Taleb is not only one of the Ahlul-Bait but he is supreme most of them all. Therefore, the obligation of obedience to him is proved from this universally admitted tradition.

Then there is the 'Hadithul-Manzilat' in which Ali bin Abi Taleb is said to have the same position with The Holy Prophet as Harun(as) had with Musa(as), i.e., his deputy.

Then there is the occasion of communicating the verses of Sura 'Al-Baraat' (Chapter IX) to thepeople of Mecca, (See Unit 5, pp. 106-107) in which The Holy Prophet said that,

"Jabraeel came to me and said that nobody could deliver the message properly except myself or the person who is from me."

The moral principle involved in these declarations of The Prophet is fairly expressed in the following tradition:

This tradition has been accepted by all sects. The Prophet said,

"Ali is with truth and truth is with Ali. Withersoever Ali turns truth (also) turneth with him."

The rightful Caliphate is thus rightly held to be bound up with Ali and no other. Another one is the Hadith of the Divine Light (Hadithul-Nur).

Syed Ali Hamadani, writes in Mawaddat-Al-Qurba, on the authority of Salman Farsi, thae The Prophet said,

"I and Ali were both created from one and the same Nur (Divine Light) four thousand years before Adam was created, and when Adam was created that Nur (Divine Light) was given a place in his backbone. So we continued to occupy the same place till we were separated in the back of Abdul-Muttalib. Therefore, in me is the prophetship and in Ali is the caliphate."

In the Riaz-ul-Fazail the last words of the above Hadeeth are as under:

"Then he made me a prophet and made Ali a Wasi (Vicegerent)."