Now we come to the Ayat briefly mentioned earlier. This Ayat says:

"O ye who believe! obey God, and obey the Apostle

and those among you invested with authority."

QURAN: 4: 59

In the Kifayat-ul-Athar there is a tradition from Jabir, the son of Abdullah Ansari, in explanation of this verse. When it was revealed Jabir said to The Prophet, "We know God and The Prophet but who are these persons invested with authority whose obedience has been conjoined to that of God and yourself?" The Prophet said,

"They are'my Caliphs as well as the Imams of the Muslims after me. The first of them is Ali, and then Hassan, then Hussain, then Ali the son of Husain, then Mohammad the son of Ali, who has been mentioned as Baqir in the Taurat. O Jabir! you. will meet him. When you see him convey my Salaams to him. He will be succeeded by his son Jafar Al-Sadiq the Truthful, then comes Musa the son of Jafar, then Ali the son of Musa, then Mohammad the son of Ali, then Ali the son of Mohammad, then Hassan the son of Ali.

"He will be followed by his son whose name and patronym (Kunyat) will be the same as mine. He will be Hujjatullah (Divine argument) on the earth, and the Baqiyatullah (the one spared by God to maintain the cause of faith) among mankind.

"He will conquer the whole world from east to west. So long will he remain hidden from the eyes of his followers and friends that the belief in his Imamat will remain only in those hearts which have been tested by God for faith."

Now that we know who are those "Invested with authority" we can easily see that the question of "obeying tyrant and unjust rulers" does not arise at all. Muslims are not required in this Ayat to obey

"your rulers" who may be unjust, tyrant. ignorant, selfish and sunk in debauchery. They are ordered by this Ayat to obey specified Twelve Imams, all of whom were Sinless and Free from every evil thought or deed. Obeying them has no risk at all. Nay, it protects from all risks; because they will never give any order against the Will of Allah and will treat all human beings with love, justice and equity.