Some poeple say that the Shias' belief means that The Holy Prophet wanted to establish a dynastic monarchy for his family in which he failed. They imply that as the Hdy Prophet was far above of such selfish motives, therefore the Shias belief is wrong. But these very people say that The Holy Prophet said:

"The Imams will be from Qurash."

Will they say that this Hadeeth means that The Holy Prophet wanted to establish a kingdom for his tribe? Will they say that The Holy Prophet said it because of "selfish motives? "

It has been explained earlier that Abu Bakr silenced the Ansar of Medina by saying that as The Holy Prophet was from Quraish, Arabs would not accept any non-Quraishite as Caliph. This argument silenced the Ansar.

By the same argument, it stands to reasoning that if a member of the family of The Holy Prophet like Ali(as) was made Caliph, all would obey him and there would be no strife and difficulty. This aspect of the appointment of Ali(as) has been recognised by some non-Muslim writers also. Mr. Sedillot has written: "Had", says Sedillot, "the principle of hereditary succession (in favour of Ali) been recognised at the outset, it would have prevented the rise of those disastrous pretentions which engulfed Islam in the blood of Muslims The husband of Fatima united in his person the right of succession as the lawful heir of The Prophet, as well as the right of election."