9) APPOINTMENT OF ALI Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

After giving a short account of Ismat and Afdha 1iyyat of Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) now comes the most important question of his Appointment by Allah.

On several occasions, The Holy Prophet had declared that Ali(as) was to be his successor and Caliph.

The Prophet. on that occasion. had declared Ali to be

"my brother. my successor and mv Caliph."

It is interesting to note here that the Laden (Germany) edition (1879 A.1)., page 1173) of "Tarikh" of Tabari records the words of the Holy Prophet "Wasi'i wa Khalifati (My successor and my Caliph); but in the Cairo edition of 1939 A.D. Which claims to be checked with the Laden edition. These important words have been changed bv "kadha wa kadha" (so and so) ! How sad it is to see the academic world sacrificing its honesty on the alter of political cxpediency!